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Quazi Design was started in 2009 in order to create much needed employment in Swaziland, Southern Africa. We started with the concept of a simple rolled paper bead earring displayed on a card, employing one artisan, believing in the potential to have a positive impact.

We design for sustainable change and social impact, creating responsible and thoughtful products by transforming discarded waste magazines into original accessories and interiors. Our workshop is situated in Sidwashini, in the industrial area of Mbabane, the capital city of Swaziland. Our woman artisans are employed full time with permanent contracts, giving them job security and a living wage. Most of our artisans were previously unemployed, and on average each has 7 dependents.

We believe that craftsmanship and ethical production could prove to be a vital economic sector for Africa. We want to change the perception of recycled materials by developing innovative techniques combined with locally sourced environmentally friendly or recycled materials.
Quazi Design create sustainable change and social impact by transforming waste magazines into original accessories.
Meet Zandi

Meet Zandi

Zandi is a vibrant young woman. Having a shy and timid side to her character she can also be flamboyant and bubbly. In 2009 she came to Quazi and very quickly became one of the highest producers, loving to roll beads and mastering all techniques to a high standard. Zandi is now able to teach other woman how to handcraft.

Her salary supports four dependents, her young daughter, her sister and sister's child, as well as her mother. Loving pink and red, wearing large earrings, and her trendy hairstyles, Zandi is a great asset to our team.

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Paper Pebble Ring - Yellow or Blue £14.00 GBP £7.00 GBP
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Bead Earring All Gold £10.00 GBP £5.00 GBP
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Pulp Ring Round Blue and Emerald £16.00 GBP £8.00 GBP
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Pulp Nugget Ring Blue and Emerald £14.00 GBP £7.00 GBP
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Pulp Ring Triangle Blue and Emerald £16.00 GBP £8.00 GBP
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Fabric Necklace Gold £25.00 GBP £12.50 GBP

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