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From our Founder John Bird

Welcome to our new shop!

It’s a very special shop because what we sell helps. It helps you because it’s something that you want to buy. It helps us because it gives us income for our work.

And it helps the people who make the stuff that we sell to you!

It’s a virtuous circle. Winners all around. And it’s all social trading.

There’s a bit of a down at the moment on consumerism. But our consumerism is social consumerism. It’s useful, and it builds lives and communities and makes you a part of the whole process of improving people’s conditions that need improving.

Do browse and look. And hopefully, if there is something you want, then please buy. But if there isn’t, or there is something you want to see us sell that you know about, do let us know; and we will do our best to get hold of what you want to see us sell.

Over the next year, we hope to develop our social trading platform into something really useful to you and to us.

So take a look. And enjoy our hand-picked – what do people mean by that? Not feet picked- range of products. All with a social echo.

John Bird.

A short video about Social Enterprise