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Transition - Street Art Print

£20.00 GBP
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Christie is a member of Centrepieces, a charity supporting people with mental illness. She came from an abusive childhood, and as an adult has struggled with depression, alcohol and drug problems and homelessness. She discovered art in school as a means of escape and expression.

This painting is one of a series of doors that I am working on. The initial concept was formed while I was in Roehampton Hospital, recovering from depression and anxiety. In hospital, I found that it was easier to 'draw' my thoughts than express them through words. This painting 'Transition' is about being stuck in an environment that no longer serves a purpose, but which you have become familiar with. The door is an opportunity for change, a new environment, unexplored and therefore scary, out of your comfort zone. This painting suggests that change is always better than stagnancy. I am very thankful to The Big Issue for their support in sharing artwork of people who may otherwise be labeled and shunned. I am also very thankful to the feedback from readers of The Big Issue, which has resulted in more opportunities opening up for me. I have stepped through the door!

Unframed Prints available in sizes A4, A3 & A2

A3 and A4 are printed on 300GSM High Colour Matt Paper

A2 where available, is printed on 200GSM High Colour Gloss Paper

All prints have a bleed space that varies between artworks

Christie Cassisa

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