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Wonderbag is a simple but revolutionary, non-electric portable slow cooker. It continues to cook food which has been brought to the boil by conventional methods for up to 8 hours without the use of additional electricity or fuel. For each bag purchased in a developed country, a bag is donated to a family in Africa.

Over three billion families worldwide still cook over open cooking fires daily. Formed in 2011, the Wonderbag Foundation’s mission is to reduce the number of diseases and deaths related to indoor air pollution from these cooking fires. Currently, over 4 million people die every year from smoke related diseases - over 50% of these deaths occur in children under 5 years old. Through the creation of our simple cooking device that has the power to give back time, the Wonderbag also drastically enhances rural women’s quality of life. Over 10m people in Africa now cook with a Wonderbag each day.
We have the potential to save and improve the quality of millions of lives by providing them with a simple cooking device: The Wonderbag, a recipe for change.
Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah

In 2008, Sarah Collins leapt out of bed at two in the morning and woke up her roommate. "I've got it!" she said. "I know how I'm going to change the world." Sarah had devoted her entire life to searching for ways to empower people in rural Africa, especially women, and on that fateful night she began her journey to doing just this with the launch of the ultimate slow cooker, the Wonderbag. Over 1m Wonderbag's have now been sold or donated, helping over 10m families.

"The Wonderbag brings healthy, wholesome, slow-cooked portable food into mainstream kitchens. Just as important," says Sarah, "it empowers consumers, by giving them innovative ways to be part of the solutions that the world is looking for."

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