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Unhoused.org is a social impact startup which pledges to use technology to help solve the homeless crisis. The co-founders, Varun Bhanot and Anisha Seth both come from technology and community affairs background respectively, and put their skills together to bring online shopping to the homeless - the first of its kind in the UK. Their latest innovation is the world's first self-cleaning hoodies and jumper range which repels liquids, stains and dirt - also sold through their online shop. Using innovative nanotechnology, they believe this clothing could be a lifesaver to rough sleepers and the unhoused as it requires less washing facilities and water saving. For every item bought on their online shop, one is donated to the homeless.
We use innovative technology to help solve problems for the homeless and unhoused.
Meet Varun Bhanot & Anisha Seth

Meet Varun Bhanot & Anisha Seth

Unhoused.org was launched by London-based couple Varun Bhanot & Anisha Seth. Varun was previously part of the founding team of technology startup Hubble in London. He graduated in Law from the LSE and did a postgraduate in Entrepreneurship at Cambridge University Judge Business School. It was here where he started developing ideas for using tech for social good. Varun has been volunteering with his local homeless shelter for almost 10 years.

Over the last 5 years, Anisha has been passionate about social impact and involved in many CSR initiatives with a number of charities. Most of these charities concentrated on various social issues in both the UK and global community, stemming from gender issues to feeding the homeless. Anisha served as Chair of one of Ernst & Young's (EY) Diversity & Inclusion networks in London.

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World's First Self-Cleaning Hoodie In Black £69.99 GBP
Support Unhoused.org
World's First Self-Cleaning Jumper In Black £69.99 GBP
Support Unhoused.org
World's First Self-Cleaning Jumper In Navy £69.99 GBP
Support Unhoused.org
World's First Self-Cleaning Hoodie In Navy £69.99 GBP

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