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The Social Mercenary

Small Batch Garments, Lovingly Crafted In Ghana. The Social Mercenary (TSM) is dedicated to bringing a distinctly West African flavour to modern street apparel. They take an ethical approach to textile manufacturing and have teamed up with social enterprises in Ghana to create a unique range of TSM Originals. The Social Mercenary is all about giving ethical the edge it deserves. Providing millennials with affordable ethical apparel two thirds of whom actively buy sustainable brands and 67% who recommend brands that behave responsibly. Ethical backpacks, t-shirts and caps are all produced in Ghana using local fabrics and supporting local communities. Ethical principles are fundamental to TSM and they've partnered with Ethical Apparel Africa to ensure that factories meet the high quality standards that they adhere to the WRAP principles.
Our social echo is all about making goods in a place where people are put first - making apparel in their native fabric.
Meet Auntie Alfie

Meet Auntie Alfie

Aunty Alfie began her career as a seamstress like many other Ghanaian women. She is now the owner of Alfie Designs. In the early days she began to train others up in the industry but she could not afford to keep them on once they were fully able in all the techniques. Slowly Alfie has brought in more clients and as the volumes increased, so did her ability to hire. Alfie and her daughter now run a factory with over 50 employees and have expanded further with the support of ethical apparel Africa who ensure quality control, new mass production techniques and that ethical working conditions are implemented to international standards. The Social Mercenary are very proud of the work performed by the factory and the workers, who put their heart and soul into the products.

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Abeiku Backpack £39.99 GBP
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Akwasi Backpack £39.99 GBP
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Red Trucker Cap £19.99 GBP

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