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Stand 4 Socks

We create the most comfortable, ethically made socks that don't only look good, and feel good - but also do good. For example, with the purchase of one pair of socks you could provide a pair to a homeless person or plant 10 trees, vaccinate 3 children against measles and much more. In fact our socks have impacts on 12 different causes in 9 different countries aligned with the United Nations Global Goals. From causes such as gender equality and education to hunger and healthcare. We change socks from a traditionally dull afterthought to the most important way to start you day. Starting conversations and impacts from the ground up, what will you Stand4?
To change the world we see everyday transactions, if we can prove that something as traditionally socks can change the world. Anything can.
Meet Josh

Meet Josh

An off the cuff comment of “What if socks could change the world?” Among friends it was sort of a joke, but after talking about it a bit more, I was like: “Well everyone does need a pair of socks. What if every pair of socks could have a positive impact?” I was inspired by the Toms shoes model that says for every pair of shoes they sell, they give a pair. I’ve always loved bright, bold socks, and socks brands were starting to take off rather than being just an accessory. I thought: “Let’s take the buy-one-give-one model and apply it to socks.”

We wanted to align our socks as closely as possible to the United Nation’s Global Goals, with a tangible impact while also raising awareness. Back then, socks were dull, boring, poorly made items. We’re producing really high quality, ethically made socks. We’re trying to make the greatest socks in the world.

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Child Health - Baby Blue Bamboo Sock £11.99 GBP
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Education - Red & Blue Stripe Bamboo Sock £11.99 GBP

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