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One in 200 hundred people are personally affected by homelessness in the UK, reaching epidemic levels, therefore we decided to do what we know best and get involved in fighting back. The consequences of this social crisis is negatively affecting our social environment, local communities and the wellbeing of both families and individuals! We hope that our Homeless Tartan products will help us raise awareness and endorse local organisations who are fighting this public crisis. Our mission focuses on bringing value to communities and supporting them by offering part of the profits generated by the Homeless tartan products in Scotland.
Doing what we know best we created the Homeless tartan to use on products which help provide support and raise awareness.

Meet Brian

Brian Halley is the founder of Slanj and designed the tartan specially to attempt to address the issue of Homelessness. Slanj is owned by brothers Brian and Craig Halley and they have designed kilts and tartan suits for a whole host of celebrities, they have even designed a family tartan for Barack Obama and made him kilt and trousers although no-one is sure if he has worn either yet!

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Homeless Tartan Bowtie £20.00 GBP
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Homeless Tartan Handmade Heart Card £4.00 GBP
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Homeless Tartan Cushion £25.00 GBP
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Homeless Tartan Carabiner Keyring £10.00 GBP
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Homeless Tartan Keyring £8.00 GBP
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Homeless Tartan Tie £20.00 GBP
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Homeless Tartan Scarf £25.00 GBP
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Homeless Tartan Mask £12.00 GBP

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We’re striving to dismantle poverty through social trading