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Sendero Specialty Coffee

Sendero means "path" in Spanish, and the focus is on the path to hard-working farmers in remote coffee growing regions. Sendero Specialty Coffee started sustainably sourcing outstanding coffees from relatively unknown coffee producing countries, such as Uganda. Sendero is paying above Fair Trade prices and working closely with farmers and cooperatives to make sure they are the ones who receive the proceeds in order to improve their livelihoods and farming standards. For Sendero, gender equality is an important part in coffee farming. The cooperative in Uganda for example is comprised of 85% women and leading the way to female empowerment there.
Establishing long-term relationships with coffee farmers and cooperatives, and paying above Fair Trade prices to ensure sustainability in remote coffee growing regions.
Meet Pira and Hutan

Meet Pira and Hutan

Founded in 2016 by Pira and Hutan, who travel to remote coffee growing regions so that they can work directly with local families and cooperatives in order to sustainably source outstanding Arabica coffee beans. The specialty coffee industry was only concentrated on a few big coffee growing nations, and the founders started focusing on farmers from relatively unknown coffee countries, such as Uganda. Travelling is rewarding in many ways, most importantly it helps to connect directly with farmers, understand their livelihoods and farming methods, and making a positive change by paying above Fair Trade prices and building long-term relationships. The founders focus on coffee traceability and sustainability.

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100 Compostable Coffee Capsules - Mixed Case £36.00 GBP
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1kg Seasonal Espresso Blend (Whole Beans / Ground Coffee) £25.00 GBP
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50 Compostable Coffee Capsules - Taster Selection £17.00 GBP

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