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Pebble Toys

Best Years are proud to present WFTO fair trade Pebble Toys from Bangladesh. Pebble toys are hand made by a fair trade cooperative which creates fairly paid and flexible jobs in rural Bangladesh. Providing flexible jobs in the villages means the women do not have to leave their kids and parents to move in to the sweatshops of Dhaka to find work. Best Years also provide pre-schools so the kids are kept safe and cared for and given the best possible start while their mothers work.
Pebble fair trade crochet toys are handmade in rural Bangladesh. They are tactile, safe from birth, machine washable and gorgeous!
Meet The Makers

Meet The Makers

Pebble Toys are handmade in rural Bangladesh by a WFTO fair trade co-operative. They provide jobs all over rural Bangladesh offering fairly-paid and flexible work for women which means that they can still fulfil other commitments to family and their smallholdings. Making Pebble toys helps families move away from a life of poverty without having to leave their homes and children – the other option would be to move to the city and work in a factory in Dhaka, most of which have very poor working conditions and some are little more than sweatshops.

Making toys for Pebble is very inclusive work and often mothers, daughters and grandmothers will work alongside one another.

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Handmade cotton crochet Flamingo toy £31.00 GBP
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Handmade Large Unicorn Soft Toy £31.00 GBP
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Handmade Cotton Snowman Rattle £12.50 GBP
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Pebble crochet Donkey £31.00 GBP
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Handmade Cotton Crab Crochet Rattle - Blue £10.00 GBP
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Handmade Cotton Christmas Gingerbread Man Rattle £12.50 GBP

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