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Moyo Moyo

Our beautiful bags are handcrafted in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. We work with locals who are excited to use their craft skills in order to earn an income. The main purpose of Moyo-Moyo is to put locals in touch with a global market so they can access a large number of customers and sell items at their true value. For our customers, Moyo-Moyo provides a way to buy a unique accessory or gift, using African prints to brighten any outfit. It gives the buyer knowledge of the bag’s creator, and confidence that profits will go to the artisans. All in all, it connects Moyo-Moyo, Swahili for heart to heart.
Moyo Moyo works with Tanzanian youth who have fallen out of the education system, to train them in tailoring skills and give them the opportunity to earn an income.
Meet Siwema

Meet Siwema

Siwema was born under the tropical sun of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. She grew up in a large family of seven siblings. After completing her first few years of secondary school, she signed up at a vocational college where she learnt her fabulous sewing skills. She moved to Dodoma City where she worked avidly as a tailor, creating bright and beautiful Tanzanian dresses, shirts and trousers. If someone asked for it; she could create it.

After moving back to Dar Es Salaam, Siwema joined Moyo Moyo and began creating the colourful bags you see here. She likes Moyo because of the team she works with. Having an income means she is able to buy her entire family food as well as starting to accumulate a disposable income.

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Moyo Tote Shopper Bag - Green £45.00 GBP
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Moyo Tote Shopper Bag - Pink £45.00 GBP
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Moyo Weekend Bag - Pink £40.00 GBP

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