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London Folk Tales For Children

London Folk Tales for Children' grew out of a project, 'We Are Londoners'. A three year 'Everyday Magic' project that celebrated the fact that London is the place where we hear many languages spoken on the street and this has been true since the time of the Romans in the first century AD. Both Anne and Sef developed and worked on this project. Belinda Evans is an artist and illustrator based in London. London Folk Tales are passionate about helping children feel comfortable and confident no matter whether they are newcomers to London or whether their first language is other than English. They work with schools and share traditional tales from many countries while at the same time stressing the vital connection that has always existed between London and the rest of the world.

They encourage the children to become detectives and discover some of the stories behind the statues, the street names and the buildings of London and to add their own family stories to the great treasure trove of London stories.
The balance of history favours the mighty. The tales in this book favour the passed over and the dispossessed.
Meet Anne and Sef

Meet Anne and Sef

Anne Johnson is a professional storyteller and songwriter and is the founder member of 'Everyday Magic', a London based charity that works in partnership with London state primary schools to bring storytellers and musicians into the schools on a regular basis. Sef Townsend has been telling traditional tales from around the world for nearly forty years. He loves travelling and collecting stories from many countries.

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