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Langloch Farm Botanicals

Behind a simple mission statement lies an innovative model of inclusion that enables individuals to take responsibility for their health, personal, social and vocational aspirations. Working with people with learning disabilities, long term mental health issues and young people at significant risk, Langloch Farm Botanicals engage each individual on the basis of their interests and abilities; a genuinely asset based approach to health and social care.

Through their work on projects and programmes, individuals are supported to overcome the barriers that prevent them from living healthier, independent and productive lives and to gain the self-confidence and personal aspirations that will empower them to be defined by their achievements rather than by their illnesses, disabilities or disadvantages.
Our mission is to empower individuals facing significant barriers to inclusion and employment the opportunity to make a tangible contribution to their community.
Meet Scott

Meet Scott

I was 45 when I developed epilepsy and had to give up my job. I finally found a job but I struggled with it. I eventually told my wife that I was going to pack the job because if I didn’t I was going to jump off a bridge.

I was literally at the point of thinking I needed to kill myself and was planning how this would work; thinking about avoiding it being close to birthdays, working out how my family could cope financially, my wife meeting someone new, how they would all survive… and even picking out the tree to hang myself from.

So, I packed in my job, and went to the doctors. They sent me to the emergency care team who at first wanted to section me. One week they mentioned that since I liked being outdoors there was this thing called CCI that I might be interested in. I turned up for the first week and just sat and watched everyone digging. And then I had to watch Elsie doing the cooking and getting everything wrong; you don’t cook the bacon before the chicken! So cooking with the group became my thing and got me more involved.

I was mainly involved in the kitchen. I remember meeting the other guys in the kitchen and getting to know them, and telling my psychologist that I’d made an autistic guy smile. And realising that this is what I want to do with my life now, I know exactly where I’m going. So now I have a job!

This has been a life changing experience; it has been a journey from where I was, I should have been sectioned, to where I’ve ended up today, I’m going back to work! CCI have been a huge part of my recovery, I’m running about just now being grateful to everybody.

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