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Koko Collective

Koko Collective design, teach and make all their pet and people accessories with the charity Calcutta Rescue in India. This charity employs around 15 people who would otherwise find it difficult to seek employment. Some of the artisans have had severe trauma or health problems and some have come from very poor families who have lacked education opportunities. The charity provides them with free health care, pension, education for their children and a fair living wage.
Our mission is to help support the workshop in India by creating jobs for disadvantaged people.
Meet Clara

Meet Clara

Clara Jackson studied jewellery design and silversmithing at Birmingham School of Jewellery. After finishing her studies, she worked for a fair-trade jewellery company called Just Trade in London and completed a small project in Vietnam on their behalf. In 2016, she travelled to India and was introduced to the charity Calcutta Rescue. Clara instantly felt a connection with the artisans and changed her travel plans from an initially planned 5 weeks to almost 5 months! She spent this time designing, sourcing, making and teaching the charity to come up with some initial products, using re-purposed bicycle tube and saris. She tried and tested the products in the UK, then returned to India in 2017 to make a new collection and expand the product range.

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