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Jerry Bottle

Jerry Bottle is a social enterprise selling stylish water bottles to fund water projects around the world. We are a not for profit company with charitable aims for health, the environment and sustainability. We believe water is essential for all, and work with schools, businesses, charities and public bodies to promote drinking water. We want everyone to carry a jerry with them everywhere they go. Water is essential for a healthy body and mind, so if you drink more you will be able to think and do more.
Jerry Bottle is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims for health, the environment, and sustainability.
Meet Harun

Meet Harun

Harun Master, founder of Jerry Bottle, did some hands on charitable work in India, helping with water infrastructure and building roofs for those who didn’t have one. He found this enjoyable and fulfilling. This opened up a whole array of difficulties that people were facing in the third world, leading Harun to set up Waterfall Charity. The more he travelled, the more he realised that there was a lack of clean water in so many areas. “Water is a basic necessity,” said Harun. “If you haven’t got water, you’ve not got life. If I can turn the tap on, why can’t everybody else? I don’t have any right over the water. Water should reach everybody.” Harun found it hard to ask people for money for projects. At this point he was approached by co-founders Tobias Gould and Taj Bharma where the decision was made to set up Jerry Bottle.

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