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Hopeful Traders

Hopeful Traders is a social arts project and clothing brand. Hopeful Traders collaborate with individuals who been affected by homelessness or mental illness. These collaborations become clothing designs that are then produced and sold by the brand. Profits from the sales of our clothing are shared with the individual collaborators and a charity that they wish to support. Hopeful Traders is an ethical brand that not only produces its products to a high standard of quality but also sources its materials responsibly.
Hopeful Traders aims to give a platform to groups of people who find themselves excluded from society.
Meet Ray

Meet Ray

ROL, or Ray of Light, has been homeless for several years. Having grown up in South London, Ray has seen house prices and rent in the city sky rocket and the sense of community diminish.

The photographs used in the collaboration with Hopeful Traders are from a series Ray created for a project with The Serpentine Gallery. Ray used a 1920s, medium format camera to document the effect of gentrification on parts of London where the local community is getting priced out of their own neighbourhoods.

Ray has chosen to support C4WS with the sales of his designs. C4WS is a homeless charity that continue to support Ray and many other homeless individuals in London.

Although still homeless Ray, is an active member of the arts community. He is a three time winner of the Café Art MyLondon photography competition and continues to volunteer for various arts organisations.

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