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Good News Shared

We are on a mission to get people noticing and appreciating the good stuff.

Why? Because there are so many amazing things happening in the world, and it’s important for our mental and physical wellbeing that we hear about them. Studies have found that hearing, sharing, and writing down good news has positive affects on us, including increased optimism and reduced stress levels.

As well as giving you a positivity boost, we showcase the work and impact of charities so you can take advantage of the opportunities they provide, and to inspire you to get involved in your community.
We are on a mission to help people notice and appreciate the good stuff in their lives: because they matter.
Meet Nisha

Meet Nisha

“If you want an instant emotional lift take a look at Good News Shared, it will restore your faith in humanity.”– Vicki

Through working and volunteering for charities, Nisha Kotecha, Founder of Good News Shared, has seen first-hand the impact they have on people’s lives. And knowing how important it is for our mental and physical wellbeing to hear positive news, Good News Shared was born.

The Good News Shared website shines a light on positive, charitable acts being done by people all over the world, while The Moments Journal helps people notice and appreciate the good things from their own day, giving users a daily positivity boost.

Nisha initially created The Moments Journal for herself following a bereavement. Using it helped Nisha feel less anxious, more optimistic and grateful, as she was taking the time to actively notice, reflect on and appreciate the good things from her day.

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