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Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate began back in 1997, when the Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farmers’ cooperative in Ghana voted at their AGM to set up a chocolate company in order to access the valuable chocolate market, and a year later the first Divine bar was launched in the UK.

Set up with the support of Twin Trading, Body Shop, Christian Aid and Comic Relief, the company was established with the aim to improve the livelihood of smallholder cocoa farmers. Today Divine is successfully proving that an international company creating delicious chocolate can also be farmer-owned, with fair and dignified trading relations at its heart. Everything Divine does aims to empower farmers, empower chocolate lovers and change the way that business is done. To this end Divine has successfully both grown sales to over £12 million with the expansion of Divine USA and has been at the forefront of raising consumer, business and government awareness about the need for fairer trade. Furthermore, Kuapa Kokoo now owns the largest share of Divine, meaning they also share in the profits and a say in the running of the company.
Everything Divine does aims to empower farmers, empower chocolate lovers and change the way that business is done.
Meet Juliet

Meet Juliet

Juliet Brago is 45 years old and has been a cocoa farmer for 14 years. She joined Kuapa Kokoo in 2002 and has a cocoa farm of 10 acres. She is an Executive Member of her village society of Awaham in the Ashanti region of Ghana. She is also the vice-chairwoman of her society’s women’s group which trains women for alternative income generation projects that provide families with money after the cocoa season ends.

Juliet says, "Kuapa has given me the opportunity to educate and train my [two] children well." Her son Prince is 25 years old and is a manufacturing apprentice. Her daughter Nana Adjoa is 20 years old and is currently at university studying law but she received a scholarship from Kuapa Kokoo to support her elementary education.

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