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Cafédirect invests up to 50% of its profits into the Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation, a UK charity that is run by farmers, for farmers, taking leadership and developing innovative solutions to the challenges they face. Cafédirect growers are experts in their field and that means they are best placed to decide how to allocate funds for improving their communities. Because the business has grown steadily from those early beginnings, the Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation (CPF) was created in 2009 to manage these relations. This reciprocal, direct relationship enables Cafédirect to provide their customers with great tasting, high quality and continually improving drinks.
The short and sweet of it is: we believe in the big picture. And we believe in our growers.
Meet Luke

Meet Luke

Cafédirect and Producers Direct founded the Centres of Excellence for one simple reason: to help farmers teach other farmers the best practice farming techniques.

Luke Metto is a retired teacher with a vibrant sense of humour and a passion for thinking outside the box when it comes to farming his land. Thanks to climate change, Luke had been worried about land sizes in his community getting smaller, which lead to farms annexing more and more of the forest land. In order to preserve the forests, Luke became one of the key teachers at the newly formed Sireet-OEP Centre for Excellence.

Naturally, Luke’s first aim was to show other smallholders how to farm in an innovative way on a small piece of land.

The income from his small microenterprises has allowed him to further invest in his farm. Looking towards the future, he is excited about expanding his current enterprises as well as continuously looking to develop newer and more productive undertakings.

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