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Lotus Bryony Lazuli

Lotus Bryony Lazuli, previously Bryony Marie Fry, is an artist, writer, and musician. She was brought up in an environment swarming with creativity as her mother is an artist, and her father is a musician, so the natural progression towards her own creative ventures was inevitable. Throughout 2007-2012, Lotus battled with severe addictions to drugs and alcohol, but after a huge wake up call, upon the death of Amy Winehouse, she made drastic steps towards recovery. Later, she completed a Business Enterprise Course with The Princes Trust, which helped her to set up her own Art & Textiles business, and she also went on to appear in the Channel 4 documentary Addicts Symphony, where she wrote and performed with other recovering addicts and the London Symphony Orchestra.

Lotus is now living back in the New Forest, has reconnected her familial ties, and her roots with the local woodlands and wildlife. Wishing a quiet life away from the public arena, she is now focusing solely on environmental and charity work, and is a member of the British Lichen Society. As a non-profit creative, she will be donating her proceeds from these sales, directly to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

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Amy Winehouse Childhood- Street Art Print £20.00 GBP
Support Lotus Bryony Lazuli
Amy Winehouse - Framed or Unframed Print £20.00 GBP

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