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Bala Sport

Our workers in India and Pakistan are at the core of what we do. Football players can be paid millions for their skills on the pitch, but there would be no game without the all-important ball. We believe the men and women who make our high-quality balls should be treated with fairness and respect. They’re skilled and dedicated people and our hand stitched footballs are made to the same specifications as FIFA balls. Our rugby balls are all hand stitched and our futsal balls use a new hybrid process to give the best quality product for our customers.
Bala Sport was set up to provide a fair deal for developing country sports ball workers, and great quality balls.
Meet Seema

Meet Seema

Seema plays an important role in the production of our hand-made rugby balls. Once the balls have been hand-stitched from materials all sourced locally in India, she makes sure they’re well washed and packaged ready for shipment. Seema works for the first and newly Fairtrade certified sports ball factory outside of Pakistan. Soon she’ll benefit from the extra Fairtrade Premium Bala Sport pays to the workers through a democratically run Fairtrade Committee as well as the fair pay and working conditions. Seema enjoys safe surroundings with health and safety forming a big part of the Fairtrade Standards the factory must adhere to. The Premium is used for social development projects like free eye and diabetes checks, fee backpacks and school books for workers’ children and water purification plants. The water treatment facilities are built outside the factory gates, giving free, safe water for the whole community not just workers and their families.

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Bala Rugby Ball - Pro Competition £45.00 GBP
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Bala Sport Pro Fairtrade Football £55.00 GBP
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Bala Sport Match Futsal Ball £27.50 GBP
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Bala Sport Training Futsal Ball £24.50 GBP
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Bala Sports Mini Fairtrade Rugby Ball £12.00 GBP

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