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Amala Chai

Amala Chai is on a mission to reconnect traditional chai with its authentic roots. Instead of sickly sweet unnatural chai latte mixes, they pay homage to the ingredients of India and support those who produce them.

Amala Chai's tea and spices are directly sourced from family-run farms in Assam & Kerala, where their suppliers use age-old organic practices and prioritise empowering the local community. Their spice suppliers' commitment to supporting local farmers have led Amala Chai to donate 5% of all sales from their masala chai kits to help their mission. These funds will support grassroot initiatives for rural farming communities in Kerala.
Amala Chai is an authentic masala chai company supporting rural farming initiatives in Kerala through fair trade and ethical sourcing.
Meet Akhil & Archie

Meet Akhil & Archie

Friends since the age of 12, they have always enjoyed stepping into the unknown and enjoying the sense of adventure. Back in 2018, a certain trip to the picturesque Indian Himalayas led them down the path of masala chai and out birthed Amala Chai.

Akhil is a first generation British Indian born in London, and like many Gujaratis over here, his parents emigrated from East Africa when they were teenagers. He has never been someone to do things normally, and after 1 year of working in an office, he knew that this wasn’t the life for him. All of Amala Chai’s recipes originate from Akhil’s grandma.

After finding his calling for customer service and hospitality through managing a street food business, Archie always wanted to start his own venture. A passion for travel, food and meeting new people led him to the Indian Himalayas with his friend Akhil. An avid explorer and mingler, you’ll often find him dotted across our market stalls and events, chatting all things masala chai!

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Cardamom Masala & Assam Tea - Masala Chai Kit £9.50 GBP
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Rose Masala & Nilgiri Tea - Masala Chai Kit £9.50 GBP

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