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Thraedable- Nature T-Shirt

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NATURE is one of Thraedable's tees dedicated to "the children of the moon", children affected by Xeroderma Pigmentosum, a rare genetic condition that makes the skin hypersensitive to UV light. 50% of gross profits from the sale of each NATURE tee goes to the Association of the Children of the Moon in Medenine, Tunisia, supporting these children to break their social isolation. During Thraedable's art workshops in Medenine, an activity was to colour a piece of paper with colourful wax crayons, cover it with black paint to then scratch off the paint. This was as a deeply symbolic activity, to show that, despite having to live in the dark of their houses, XP children have a colourful personality.

Despite being able to play outside only after sunset, many drew trees, flowers, and butterflies - something that flourishes in their dreams and hopes. 100% organic cotton, round-neck tee, printed by hand with water-based inks. Certified Fair Wear.

Thraedable is a social enterprise that tells the stories of people on the margins of
society and raises funds for grassroots organisations that defend their human rights.


Wearable stories for a just world.
We want a world, where everybody has a voice, where everybody’s rights are respected, where sustainability is the norm. To build this world we make clothes that tell stories through designs inspired by drawings made during our art workshops. We share 50% of gross profits from the sale of each item with grassroots organisations that defend human rights. We respect people and the planet from production to delivery, using only organic materials, water-based inks and biodegradable mailers.
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