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Thraedable- Labyrinth Mens T-Shirt

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Inspired Thraedable's workshops on the island of Lesbos, Greece, LABYRINTH symbolises "Fortress Europe", which creates a labyrinth of obstacles and legal procedures to keep refugees outside its walls. But in the middle there is an eye - this is the eye of migrants and refugees who see their dignity violated, but still manage to be resilient; it is the eye of those who witness the violations happening on Lesbos and beyond and will continue to report them and fight them because they believe that the possibility of a better future should not be limited by where we come from.

50% of gross profits from the sale of each LABYRINTH is shared with Legal Centre Lesbos, providing asylum seekers on Lesbos with free legal support.

100% organic cotton t-shirt with rolled sleeves. Printed by hand with water-based inks. Certified Fair Wear.

Thraedable is a social enterprise that tells the stories of people on the margins of
society and raises funds for grassroots organisations that defend their human rights.


Wearable stories for a just world.
We want a world, where everybody has a voice, where everybody’s rights are respected, where sustainability is the norm. To build this world we make clothes that tell stories through designs inspired by drawings made during our art workshops. We share 50% of gross profits from the sale of each item with grassroots organisations that defend human rights. We respect people and the planet from production to delivery, using only organic materials, water-based inks and biodegradable mailers.
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