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Harry and Meghan - A Different View Street Art Print by Jo Adamson

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After losing her eyesight in a car crash a decade ago, Jo Adamson turned to The Big Issue, becoming one of Glasgow’s most familiar faces. She has no sight out of her left eye, and describes her right eye as a “constant misty blur”. She stopped selling the magazine when she moved into her own flat four years ago and is now a fulltime artist. Today her bedroom doubles as her studio.

I still struggle to see but I use bright coloured wax, which reflects in the light, and get very close to the paper. I was tempted to do them looking silly but I thought, no, let's keep it sensible because it's a royal wedding. It’s a risky thing being married. Hopefully they’ll be happy.

I've got page boys and flower girls, but because I was putting so many people in it was hard. I was thinking putting Prince Charles with big ears and things like that but it was too wee to be able to do that. I've not actually done Prince Charles and Camilla, I feel they'll end up looking like horses, do you know what I mean? It’s hard to portray them nicely. I was just trying to keep Prince Harry ginger haired, cheeky but romantic. And Meghan is used to stardom and I think that helps, because who would take on that life?

Jo Adamson

Jo Adamson

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Harry and Meghan - A Different View Street Art Print by Jo Adamson £20.00 GBP
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