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Eco-friendly and Sustainable Gifts - Page 3

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The busiest shopping weekend of the year is almost upon us, in all its discount excess – Black Friday! The bargain bonanza is back for another year, with retailers across the country slashing their prices to lure customers into splurging. But this year, instead of queuing all evening for a big purchase you don’t even really want, why not spend your cash a little savvier and shop with a social echo thanks to The Big Issue Shop’s Black Friday Gifting Collection. Be a Social Shopper this Black Friday weekend with The Big Issue Shop. Ditch the budget giant tellys and unnecessary splurges, opt for a product with a social echo this Black Friday.

Big Sellers

Support The Big Issue
The Big Issue Colouring Book £6.99 GBP
Support Slanj
Homeless Tartan Scarf £25.00 GBP
Support Christie Cassisa
Transition - Street Art Print £20.00 GBP
Support Quazi
Fabric Necklace Gold £25.00 GBP £12.50 GBP

Black Friday Gifting Collection

Support Chris Bird
Untitled Landscape - By Chris Bird Street Art Print £20.00 GBP
Support Quazi
Bead Earring All Gold £10.00 GBP £5.00 GBP
Support Leiho
Sunny Rays Bamboo Socks £14.00 GBP
Support From Babies with Love
Love Organic Ladies T-Shirt £23.90 GBP
Support Daughters of the Ganges
Indira Necklace £22.00 GBP
Support Leiho
Orange You Kind Bamboo Socks £14.00 GBP
Support From Babies with Love
Love Luxury Scented Candles £24.90 GBP