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The Royal Wedding - A Different View Street Art Print by David Tovey

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David Tovey spent six years as a chef in the British army and cooked for the Queen at Windsor Castle. After leaving the military, he ran his own restaurant until suffering a stroke in 2011. A series of health problems including cancer and a heart attack followed, leading to homelessness and a suicide attempt. “Art is one of the best treatments for trauma,” Tovey says, and today he is a rising star in the art world and has founded the One Festival of Homeless Arts.

I’m hoping this picture will help change perceptions of the homeless. To have Meghan and Harry selling the magazine is to highlight that anyone, and I truly mean anyone, can become homeless. It's also to highlight that a huge number of people become homeless after a marriage breakup, not that I wish that upon Harry and Meghan.

I’ve been extremely lucky since getting off the streets. Art has given me the power to change my life and to also help others. I could never have done any off this without the help of a stranger who saved my life on a park bench.

You see, it only takes one person to change another person’s life. Gavin saved mine and look at what I’ve achieved since that day. Imagine if everyone helped one person from the streets, I wonder what they would all achieve...

This is an invitation,

David Tovey

davidtoveyart.co.uk, onefestivalofhomelessarts.com

David Tovey

David is an ex-homeless artist, educator, activist and founder of the One Festival of Homeless arts. This self-portrait was painted on a canvas he found when he entered a homeless hostel, the day after having been saved from taking a potentially deadly drug overdose by a parking enforcement officer.
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The Royal Wedding - A Different View Street Art Print by David Tovey £20.00 GBP
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