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Created by Southampton-based inventor and physics graduate Chris Peacock, the handSteady is an innovative, new drinking aid, designed specifically for those with limited dexterity and tremors caused by certain health conditions.

The handSteady features a rotatable handle that will self-level the cup whilst in use. This ensures the cup remains steady and poised at the perfect angle, helping to provide a comfortable and dignified drinking experience. The large, easy-grip handle can be held in the “power grip” hold and also ensures hands are guarded from hot drinks to prevent burnt hands.
The handSteady will remain upright until you’re ready to drink, no matter what angle you hold it at. The handSteady removes the need to twist delicate wrist muscles to take a drink, or having to have to tilt your head backwards. The cup can be manoeuvred and tilted for drinking by using your other hand, your thumb or simply by using your lips.

The curved rim of the handSteady eradicates spillages and drips by keeping all liquid inside the cup after taking a sip, and the curved design promotes the liquid to travel directly into the centre of the mouth.
Made from a lightweight yet durable state-of-the-art material, the handSteady is stain resistant and dishwasher proof, and looks very much like your traditional bone china drinking cup – a stylish and innovative drinking aid to provide peace of mind for those with tremors, swallowing difficulties or muscle weakness.

The handSteady holds 250ml of liquid and is also insulated to keep drinks warm/cold as desired.


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