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Sustainable Coconut Bowl

Our eco-friendly coconut bowls are made from coconut husks, otherwise known as coconut shells.

Once the fruit has been removed, the husks become a waste product and so by repurposing them into bowls we're helping to reduce unnecessary waste!

As this is a natural product, sizing varies per bowl.

Regularly oil your bowl - your bowl will need to be regularly treated with oil to prevent it from drying or cracking. You can easily do this with coconut oil, or an oil of your preference.

H 6cm x W 14cm x D 14cm

Huski Home

Creating sustainable, eco-friendly, reusable homewares from natural waste.
Huski Home is a family-run company that put sustainability at the top of their priority list, by creating eco-friendly, reusable homewares from natural waste. Together, they can create a renewable future! Huski Home travel cups are unique because they are created by recycling rice husks. Rice is harvested in mass quantities throughout the world and when processed, the sheer volume of husks causes issues as to how to properly dispose of it as rice husks, if not ethically discarded, can be a biohazard. This is why they've created a way to recycle rice husks into a durable, reusable, non-toxic material. They use this material to make our cups, lunch boxes, with the hopes of expanding to new household items. Huski Home cups are twin-walled, keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours. They're also free from melamine, BPA and silicone and are also non-toxic. They're very durable and can last a lifetime.
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Eco-friendly Travel Cup 400ml - Various Colours £10.99 GBP
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Eco-friendly Travel Cup 500ml - Various Colours £13.00 GBP
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Multi-compartment Lunch Box - Various Colours £14.99 GBP
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